Profile Projector PL 300mm

Profile Projector PL 300mm

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Profile Projector PL 300mm

Features of our Profile Projector:

  • It has a large working distance of objective as we offer the GERMAN optics.
  • Plated / ground work stage and Large Measuring Range.
  • Surface illumination is superlative, symmetry and bright and the image is clear. Illumination contrast can be adjusted to view the best image of component.
  • The shape of high precision worktable is novel and beautiful, and its movement is comfortable and convenient as we use Ground Shaft Thread less Lead Screw with imported Cross roller ways.
  • It adopts contour illumination and surface illumination system in which maintains light intensity on screen when magnification was changed to high magnification and low magnification of objective lens.
  • It has exquisitely shape and is convenient to use.
  • Mechanical hardware of ergonomic design with highest standards of workmanship and finish.

Technical Specifications Profile Projector MODEL DM 300C (Table Top Model)

Screen diameter (mm)

Ф 300 mm

Rotating range


Rotating angle scale

Digital Angle Encoder ( ˚ ʹ ʺ )

Magnification Lens

Magnification Lens 10x capable to measure the minimum radius upto 0.5mm

Measuring range X/Y Axis

150mm x 100mm with thread less bearing mechanism

DRO System

To measure X & Y Movement, 3 points Radius measurement, Angle Digitally, MM/INCH, ABS/INC, Error compensation Etc.

Linear Least Count


Linear Accuracy

(3+L/55) um

Contour Illumination Accuracy

< 0.05% on screen

Surface Illumination Accuracy

< 0.075% on screen

Contour Illumination

150W, 24V with Heat Filter and Fan cooled system.

Surface Illumination

150W, 12V  2 nos. with Heat Filter and Fan cooled system to increase the light intensity

Illumination System

Dual Beam Split Light source with Light Control Intensifiers system to adjust bright surface Illumination Contrast for clear and sharp display on Screen, All bulbs are individually fan cooled for minimum heat generation


Pedestal Stand

Rotary Table to align the components