Fully Automatic Mounting Press

Fully Automatic Mounting Press

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 Fully Automatic Mounting Press

This Machine is Automatic Mounting Press for metallo graphic specimen. It is suitable for all Thermo setting Materials, because of the cooling system. It can automatically finish with the heating temperature, the holding time and acting force. The operator can change 4 specification patterns according to the difficult specimens. It can make 2 specimens at one time.


  Pattern specimen : 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

  Power: 220V 50Hz

  Maximum consumption: 1800W

  Pressure: 0~2Mpa

  Temperature: 0~300°C

  Holding time: 0~99minutes and 99 seconds

  Out line dimension: 615 x 510x 500mm

  Weight: 100Kg

   Cooling: Water cooling