Corrosion Spray Chamber

Corrosion Spray Chamber
Product Description

Corrosion Spray Chamber

Model No - CSC

Environment test conditions:

1) Environment temperature range: 15- 30

2) Relative humidity: Less than 85%R.H.

3) Atmosphere: 86 ~ 106 Kpa

4) Without strong vibration around

5) Without strong electromagnetic field around the influence, no high concentration of dust and corrosive materials

6) Avoid direct sunlight or other heat source direct radiation

7) Without strong airflow around, when the surrounding air should be forced to flow, flow should not blows directly to the body

8) Machine should be placed flat, maintain the level, because the upper water seal to prevent salt fog spillover

9) Around the machine there shall be a certain distance, convenient maintenance operation

10) The equipment should be placed a separate room, should not and any other equipment placed together to prevent corrosion other equipment

Control System:

  •  Temperature controller: Control laboratory temperature, in accordance with the standard temperature setting.
  • Saturated air barrel temperature controller: Control saturated air barrel temperature.
  • Timer: Adjustable 1 ~ 9999 hr can be arbitrary set test time, automatic stop, end with automatic zero setting.
  • Accumulation time device: Direct reading type 0 ~ 9999.9 hr to instruct a test of the accumulation of time.
  • Heating water tank thermostat: To protect the water heating temperature, the controller is fit laboratory temperature control this tester surrounding temperature difference too big when, must cooperate with adjustment, the setting temperature is 75 degrees in the control.
  •   Saturated air barrel thermostat: Saturated air barrel temperature control, temperature safety set value than the actual high temperature 5 degrees.
  • Power switch: Light become warped type, control the total power.
  • Operation switch: Light become warped plate, control laboratory heating tank and saturated air barrel heating system.
  • Timer switch: Light become warped plate, control time controller power supply.
  • The left low water level warning lamp: Heating the water tank is lower than lower limit, the light is bright, and cut off the operating system.
  • The right low water level warning lamp: Saturated drum water level below the lower limit, the light is bright, and cut off the operating system. 

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